Apple Might Update the iPad Mini With a New Processor in 2023

Foldable phones have been generating a lot of buzz in the tech industry over the past few years. These innovative devices allow users to fold the phone in half, essentially turning it into a tablet. While foldable phones were initially released a few years ago, they have yet to become more affordable. In fact, many of these devices are still quite expensive, with most models costing upwards of $1,000.

According to recent rumors, even Apple is developing a foldable device. While we don’t have any concrete pricing details on the device yet, knowing Apple, it wouldn’t exactly be cheap. A few reports even claimed that the iPad mini lineup would eventually be replaced by these foldable devices. But according to well-known well known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, that is very unlikely given both products would exist at very different price brackets. 

Kuo even adds further that the Cupertino giant plans to release an updated version of the iPad mini with a new processor by the end of 2023 or sometime in the first half of 2024. The iPad Mini was last updated in 2021 with the A15 Bionic chip and an all-new design resembling the latest iPads. 

Given the iPad mini 6th Gen was a big leap both in terms of design and hardware for the series, the upcoming 7th Gen would likely keep things lowkey and only feature a chip update for 2023. 

As for the Apple foldable device, it would likely compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold with a rumored price tag of around $2,500. At this price point, it is unlikely that the Apple foldable device will be able to compete with the company’s core products, such as the iPhone, as it will be too expensive for many consumers. Instead, the device will likely be targeted towards a niche market of tech-savvy consumers who are willing to pay a premium price for the latest and greatest tech. 


Indranil Chowdhury

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