Apple Introduced Much Awaited MacBook Upgrades: Now All MacBook Pros have TouchID and a TouchBar

Apple has become a brand so exclusive that the price factor just seems redundant at this point. Perhaps its the quality and the brand name they go for. Of course, looking back at previous products, we got to see a lot of plastic in their devices. Be it the iPhone or even the original MacBook. While it was the case back then, with recent developments we got to see a rather sturdy construction. Looking at the iPhone lineup or even the iPods and iPads. The MacBooks are hailed for their solid construction and being formed as a unibody design. Being a MacBook user myself, the build quality is something that pulled me closer to my device.

While sturdy construction is a big factor once purchasing a laptop, price is still the most significant one. In economics, specifically Microeconomics, there exists the concept of trade-offs. What that concept refers to is the idea of giving something or some part of your preference for another that you may want more. In the case of laptops, for example, people may let go of the build quality if they cannot afford a 1000$+ machine. Similarly, for users who may be doing quite well for themselves wouldn’t care what brand they get, as long as it is an “Apple” product, they’d be game.

Apple’s MacBook Lineup

Macbook pro
The existing MacBook Pro Lineup (pre upgrade)

Apple has had a strange history with its product lineup. there have been more occasions than one where the company has had redundant products in its lineup. Take the iPod range, for example. There used to be a couple of iPods: Shuffle, Nano, Classic and Touch. While the shuffle was a very economical choice, it simply did not make any sense to have it in the market with below par storage and no way to play music on the go with the internet. Same was the case with the nano. While these products were eventually phased out of the lineup, they did exist for a while, simply to confuse the customers. Today, we are left with the iPod Touch only. While the device is great for kids or for music listeners who wouldn’t want to pay the premium for an iPhone, it is slowly becoming out of place. Perhaps the biggest reason for this would be the existence of iPhones such as the 7 or 6S would cost almost the same price and give a better over all product. Users can always go for these devices, using them without the cellular connection.

Coming to the Laptop side of things, the subject this section focuses on. While the brand carries a hefty product lineup, these laptops came in steps. Initially, from the new generation, the original MacBook was introduced, followed by the new MacBook Pro. In the next couple of years, the latter received upgrades while the former, not so much. During this period though, the MacBook air was sadly neglected. It was not until recently that they refreshed the $999 device into one of the next generation. Naturally, though, the price tag got “refreshed” as well. The cheapest MacBook now went for 1100$+ in the market.

While this is the case, a report by 9to5Mac sort of rectifies the whole concept. In its report, Apple has apparently, in a usual minor upgrade situation way, upgraded the lower-tier MacBook Pros. While everyone was happy with the upgrades made to the other MacBook Pros, people who just wanted MacBooks for regular day work and the occasional heavy duty work, simply could not get the latest spec’d machine for the price and the size.

Upgraded MacBook(s)

According to the report, Apple has included a few important features in the lower-tier models. Not only did they listen but they included stuff quite welcome on the devices. The cheapest MacBook Pro, running for a 1299$ price tag would include a touchbar and touchID. The processor, which was still a 7th generation one has been upgraded to the latest quad core 8th generation one. While it is not the same as the one of the latest MacBook Pros (1.4GHz vs 2.4GHz) of a higher tier but it is still tonnes better than the older one. What is implied and not blatantly pasted is the fact that the machine would contain a T2 security chip as well due to the inclusion of the TouchID. True Tone, Apple’s fancy tech for ambient sensing and colour temperature adjustment, comes to these MacBooks as well.

MacBook Pro
The new base Model of the MacBook Pro

The most surprising point to be noted is that Apple has stayed with the same price tag, with added features, for these new upgraded ones. It just seems so awkward and off from the trillion-dollar company rampaging for every penny they can earn. In other news, the MacBook Air receives its first upgrade as well. The company added True Tone display to it as well. Again, the surprising bit hits us. When it first came out, people were saddened by the fact that the cheapest option for a laptop by Apple had been increased in price. Those users would be happy to know that the price has been reduced to 1099$ only. The only sad part that came with this news was that the original MacBook has been discontinued. All these prices have a hundred dollars slashed from them for students.

The New MacBook Air Screen description edited on the Apple Website as well

Perhaps this is one of the finer updates by Apple. Not only have they shown that they listen to the people but it gives us the impression that Apple is not a monopolising agent. What I mean to say that Apple had been increasing its prices like crazy but the market’s recent reaction was quite apparent with the decrease in iPhone sales due to the price to feature ratio. Realising that their Laptop game has been saving them for quite a while now, they would not want to lose their hand in on this one. Thus we see the market influencing the influencer, in an epic turn of events. Therefore, the market has relieved the pressure imposed by Apple and in turn, done the users some service. Although these products still do not come in cheap for the utility that they provide now, with this upgrade, one may still consider them.

Sarmad Burki
Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.

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Apple Introduced Much Awaited MacBook Upgrades: Now All MacBook Pros have TouchID and a TouchBar

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