Apple to Increase Cost of Battery Replacement Service for iPhone Models from March

This may be the ideal moment to get a battery replacement performed if you have an iPhone 13 or older handset with a deteriorated battery. Apple has stated on its website that the cost of out-of-warranty battery service for all iPhone models (apart from the iPhone 14) will increase by $20

For instance, beginning in March, Apple will charge $89 for its iPhone battery service, up from $69 now. This price cut does not apply to the iPhone 14 range since these devices were always $99 in price. For more recent iPhone models, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone X, Apple presently levies a $69 fee. The price for the iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and older versions is $49. These rates are valid until the end of February, after which they will rise by $20 on March 1, 2023.

Users with AppleCare+ or those whose iPhones are still covered by warranty are unaffected by the new hike. However, Apple’s website for predicting battery replacement costs states that all other prices fluctuate.

The current out-of-warranty battery service fee will apply until the end of February 2023. Effective March 1, 2023, the out-of-warranty battery service fee will be increased by $20 for all iPhone models prior to iPhone 14.”


Apple batteries may be replaced via authorized resellers, online using a mail-in service, or at Apple retail stores utilizing the Genius Bar. Last year, Apple announced the self-service repair shop as an alternate choice for authorized battery repairs using authentic components. Currently, the cost of doing it via Apple and the component pricing on the self-service website is about the same. Probably at the same time in March, the indicated self-service prices will also increase.

Apple made a significant reduction in the price of batteries in the aftermath of the iPhone throttling slowness issue that occurred in 2018, bringing the price down to merely $29 at the time. This was part of an apology for misunderstanding how the performance of the central processing unit (CPU) of the iPhone software varies as the battery life declines. Customers could buy a new battery to restore the device to its previous level of performance. Until this most recent announcement of a $20 hike, battery replacement rates were fixed at the $69 level for 2019 and beyond.


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