Apple Fined By Brazilian Court for Not Including Chargers With iPhones

Apple was fined $19 million by a Brazilian court for failing to include chargers with every iPhone it sold. If you recall, the tech giant first introduced this method in 2020 when it unveiled the iPhone 12 family, and ever then, the business has been under the legal scrutiny of Brazil.

According to a Reuters article, a decision has been made requiring Apple to pay $19 million in “social damages.” The Brazilian Association of Borrowers, Consumers, and Taxpayers appears to have made the choice.

It is evident that, under the justification of a ‘green initiative,’ the defendant imposes on the consumer a required purchase of charger adaptors that were previously supplied along with the product. 


Since the release of the iPhone 12, Apple has discontinued including chargers with iPhones in an effort to reduce technological waste and carbon emissions. The California-based company argues that it would be unnecessary to provide charges with each subsequent handset because users already possess iPhone chargers, though it should be emphasised that Apple continues to sell them separately. 

Even though it may just be a tiny expense, included chargers with every iPhone reduces sales and profits from a business standpoint; nonetheless, Apple is unlikely to acknowledge this given its predisposition to continue its present and future environmental-friendly activities.

Although the Sao Paulo state court’s finding is final, Apple is allegedly going to appeal the case because it feels that selling its flagship product without a charger constitutes unfair business practises. Soon after Apple, rivals like Samsung and Xiaomi stopped including chargers with their extremely costly smartphones, including foldable models, despite charging consumers a steep price.

Given that Apple has been targeted by Brazilian authorities before for alleged anti-consumer business practises, it’s feasible that the punishment must be paid. The decision from Brazilian authorities is surely beneficial for consumers since Apple has been excluding necessary accessories for quite some time.


Muhammad Zuhair

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