Apple Faces Another Lawsuit, This Time Over Misleading Screen Size

Apple has been sued over its misleading advertisement of screen resolution and screen design

Apple is in hot waters again. And this time around it is due to the screen size and screen resolution of its new phones. The company recently launched its “all-screen” iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max which aren’t really “all-screen”. A lawsuit has been filed against the company by two iPhone owners who say that the company misrepresents about its screen resolution and size.

The lawsuit is filed in a district court of San Jose in California on behalf of Courtney Davis and Christian Sponchiado. Both the plaintiff alleges that the marketing of Apple about its new lineup is misleading. The lawsuit says that the three iPhone models do not have the same pixel or screen size that the company has advertised during the launch.

Apple iPhone Screen Size

The discrepancy in the screen size is due to the Apple’s notch design which automatically reduces the display area. The lawsuit says that the screen size for iPhone X is advertised at 5.8 inches while in reality, the phone measures about 5.6875 inches. The complainants say that Apple measures its screen as if they are square. But as these phones have round corners hence there is an automatic reduction of 1/16 of an inch from the screen size.

Apple iPhone Screen Resolution

The complaint says that the screen resolution of iPhone models is lower than what is advertised. The iPhone X has a screen resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels according to the advertisement. However, in actual, the phone does not use true pixels with green, red, and blue subpixels in each pixel. There are no subpixels at all in the display-area corner of the screen.

Apple is yet to give any response to the lawsuit. This isn’t the first time that the Cupertino Company has been sued over its products. Back in March this year, there were 59 different lawsuits over a software tweak that throttled older iPhones.

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