Apple Event May Feature New iPad Air, Apple Watch Budget Edition: Apple Silicone MacBooks May Come out in November With Huge Battery Gains

Apple’s event is just a handful of hours away but what will it be about. According to the latest reports, Apple will NOT be announcing the latest lineup of iPhones. We offer condolences to the fans who were looking to place their pre-orders for the new series. Excitingly enough though, this event would be more focused towards the new iPad Air, the latest generation of Apple Watch and even a budget version of the latter. Additionally, we got to know of the upcoming Apple Silicone Macs which, according to Apple, are to arrive by the year’s end.

This tweet, linking to an article from 9to5Mac, really does cover all the based. Starting off with what we know from a recent Bloomberg report, the company would be launching an iPad Air. This would be the latest model and from the leaks, it would be quite similar to the current iPad Pros. This includes the form factor. The key selling point would be the price which is rumoured to be around $500. This would make it a prime target for customers this holiday season.

Then, we come to the Apple Watches and Apple would be coming out with the 6th generation Apple Watch. This may not be a huge upgrade, just the internals since that has been part of Apple’s plan since the first generation of the Apple Watch. What may be big would be the budget edition of this device. Currently, the Apple Watch starts off at $399 for the 40mm version. Rumours may suggest that the budget edition may come around the price point of about $250 to $300. Again, something we would know for sure when the end product comes out.

The Apple Silicone Macs

Lastly, we come over to the Macs. While the event tomorrow may not feature these, many reports direct towards a November release of the first Apple Silicone Macs. According to the article, these would be the reiterated MacBooks, the 12-inch version. Apple may be going for a highly rated battery life of about 15-20 hours, according to the article. Although that may be the case, it does put the iPad Pro with the new Magic Keyboard in a weird place. Then again though, the iPad Pro has a different target demographic and is not meant for JUST browsing. This is something the MacBooks are mainly aimed at.

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