Apple Devices Suffering From “iCloud Account and Sign In” Denial Errors In Large Numbers?

Apple Inc. is currently dealing with a major crisis. Several Apple device users, prominently owners of newly bought or acquired devices, are unable to register, activate, or login. Apparently, Apple’s servers, particularly those dealing with activation, are facing issues.

Older Apple Watches, iPhone, iPads, HomePods, and new Apple Devices Cannot Enter Secure Areas?

Apple’s status page has been showing a problem with the “iCloud Account and Sign In”. The problem was first noticed on Christmas Day and has been reportedly growing. According to experts, there’s another problem with the activation servers.

Apparently, several users have reported that they cannot register new devices with Apple’s servers. Quite a few Apple device owners, and especially those who had recently acquired a new Apple device, claimed they simply couldn’t proceed with the Activation and Authorization process.

During the pairing process, the failed login attempt is followed by a generic error message such as “Verification failed – there was an error verifying the passcode”. Users around the world are currently struggling with similar problems.

Apple’s status page does report a problem with iCloud sign-in. It is not clear why Apple device users are unable to activate and authorize their new devices with Apple servers. Moreover, as the new devices cannot be activated, they cannot be paired or synced up with other Apple devices.

The most common complaint apparently pertains to Apple Watch. Several users have claimed that Apple IDs cannot be successfully entered, and hence, the authentication reportedly fails.

Authentication Errors or Server Overload?

While there are complaints on social media platforms, quite a few owners of new Apple devices have confirmed that their devices have successfully synced with Apple servers and that their Apple IDs work.

Hence, it is quite likely that Apple servers merely got a little overloaded on Christmas Day. As several new owners attempted to create new Apple IDs or attempted to use their preexistent Apple ID, it is quite likely that Apple servers merely lagged due to being overburdened.

During the old times, such overloaded servers didn’t offer any error message and merely continued to keep the user in a virtual queue. However, Apple’s servers could be configured to offer prioritized access to Apple ID owners. And any delay in offering access instantly generates an error message. Since Apple device owners haven’t encountered such errors in recent past, there might have been a flood of complaints about failures.

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Apple Devices Suffering From “iCloud Account and Sign In” Denial Errors In Large Numbers?

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