Apple’s AR Headset Lenses Rumored to be Shipped by Next Month

There are several signs indicating that Apple’s augmented reality headgear is almost ready for release. One story claims that the most recent one involves lens shipments, which may occur as early as next month.

Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO), an Apple supplier, is almost ready to supply the lenses for AR headsets, according to a paywalled story on DigiTimes that MacRumors noticed. If all goes as planned, the lens modules may begin delivering as early as next month, which might delight several prospective buyers and readers. However, take notice that the formal announcement is reportedly scheduled to take place in the autumn. 

Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO) will supply lens modules for VR head-mounted devices, to be launched by Apple in 2023, with shipments to begin in February-March 2023, according to GSEO’s supply chain makers.


For those who are unaware, the start of the autumn season is September 23, which suggests that the introduction of the AR headset might occur anytime in the fourth quarter of this year. Even if that is a lengthy wait, you should be aware that this is the first time Apple is making such a device available to the general public, so it will take some time, especially for software alterations. We previously heard that the headgear would start being mass-produced by Apple supplier Pegatron in March 2023.

Image: Apple

The launch timings from different sources are now out of sync since soon after, an update said that the AR headset debut will take place before Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote. Readers should be aware that DigiTimes does not have a stellar reputation, therefore it is advisable to take all of this information at this time with a grain of salt. Apple has delayed the release of its reported AR glasses indefinitely since it is no secret that the company has had difficulties with its augmented reality headset. We’re hoping to get to witness this incredible invention in action, and we’ll keep you informed of any further developments.


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