Apple Announces the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max in Four New Colours!

iPhone 12 is finally here! We take our focus to the more premium edition: The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Now, as per common tradition, the company has focused a lot on the camera but this time around we see a newer design. Well, it is a bit different than what we saw before but quite reminiscent of the iPhone 5 series of devices. These sharper edges are quite amazing.


The Four New Colours

Looking at the hardware of the device and it is quite similar to the iPhone 5 series of devices, as mention before. Similar to the iPhone 12, it comes with a couple of new colours as well. These are much more subtle ones though. We see 4 new colours. These devices have stainless steel edges but are etched to perfection in the sharp and smooth edges. These come in Graphite, Silver, Gold and a whole new Blue colour which would be replacing the current green one. On the back, quite similar to the leaks, we see the new 3-camera setup with the addition of the LiDAR scanner for AR capabilities. Not to mention, the biggest design upgrade has to be the screens on the front. For the iPhone 12 Pro, we have a bigger, 5.8-inch screen and the iPhone 12 Pro Max would have a 6.7-inch screen. This would definitely be the largest screen Apple would be shipping.


Features of the iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro would be housing the new, same as the iPhone 12, A14 Bionic chipset which would be based on the 5nm process. Not to mention, it would allow for much better graphical performance and machine learning tasks. Apple laid its entire presentation on the cameras themselves as for the rest of the features such as MagSafe, they carry forward to the new iPhone 12 Pro models as well.


The New Sensors

These would obviously be the selling feature for the new iPhones and they would definitely bank on these. Firstly, the new A14 chipset would allow Deep Fusion, a feature that still seemed to be in beta with iPhone 11 Pro series. It would be supported in all 4 of the cameras this time around. The cameras on the back would be all 12MP sensors but this time around we have a new Ultra Wide and Wide angle lens with faster apertures. Not to mention, the telephoto lens would be a 2.5x zoom, up from a 2x zoom from before. The new OIS is pretty amazing too. This time it is integrated into the sensor allowing for more steady, low-light shots. This would allow handheld night mode shots which are much better in quality. This is the new sensor-shift OIS technology.

A14 Bionic allows 10-Bit recording at 4K 60fps

In a later update, we would even see Apple ProRAW shooting on the new iPhone 12 Pro models. This would give the shooters much more control over their footage and allow them to capture much more detail. Additionally, for video, we would see HDR video recording. This would support 10-bit HDR recording and even the new Dolby Vision HDR. This would be the first time a mobile phone supports this. The computing power required for this would be massive. Something, clearly, the A14 Bionic can handle perfectly.


Apple’s New LiDAR sensor

While the LiDAR sensor would be used for AR applications, this would be used for imaging as well. With the LiDAR sensor, users would be easily able to focus, within seconds, their subjects in low-light as well. It would also allow depth sensing in darker areas. This may allow portrait mode or better portrait mode in darker regions.

The iPhone 12 Lineup

The iPhone 12 Pro would be starting off at $999 for the 128GB model while the iPhone 12 Pro Max would start off at $1099 for the 128GB model. The Pro would be available starting this month while the Max would be available in the next month.


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