Apple Announces the HomePod Mini: Coming in at $99, the Speaker Would Be available November 6th

It is finally Apple’s iPhone event day. Although that is the case, Apple first started off with the HomePod. That is HomePod Mini just by the way. As presumed before, Apple decided to lead with a smarter approach to smart speaker technology. While before we saw a more premium speaker, Apple went with a “budget” approach towards it.

The HomePod Mini offers the same and much more than its previous model. So let’s dive into what the new HomePod Mini is about and what it can really do.

All the features packed in the HomePod Mini

Starting off, the HomePod would now support stereo pairs in the house. So let’s say you have two HomePod Minis, you can connect the two to give you a more stereo sound. Then, we come to the leaked iPhone connectivity. This would recognise the iPhones with U1 chips which would tell the user when he/she enters the room.

Next, we move to the processor, S5 chipset. This actually allows the Computational Audio system. This is a fancy way of telling that the speaker reads the music to give the perfect information and output on the audio file. This is also used for the new intercom system. This would actually help in integrating the entire Apple ecosystem. Lastly, Apple adds users to its smart speaker system. This is similar to what Google does. What it would do is that according to the voices, the speaker would give answers or outputs according to the person asking for them. With the new continuity feature, let’s say if you ask the speaker about a route. When you get into the car, the route would be preloaded on the Apple CarPlay.

The HomePod Mini would come in two colours: Space Grey and White. These would come in at $99 and would be available starting November 6th.


Sarmad Burki

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