Apple Announces The Apple Watch Series 6 & the Budget SE

It is finally Apple Event day! Sadly though, it isn’t the Apple iPhone event that we were all hoping for. The event started with a typical Apple manner and we jumped right on to the new Apple Watch!

WatchOS 7

Firstly we talk about the new WatchOS 7. The company announced it right before the summer and it included one of the most important features: Sleep tracking. What this gave us was the idea that the upcoming Apple Watch would have a better battery life to account for this new setting. Additionally, like in typical Apple manner, we see new watch faces as well. There would be more fitness tracking options and even cycle maps available. Now though, we move over to the main attraction: The Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6

Finally, Apple announced its latest edition to the current Apple Watch lineup: The Apple Watch Series 6. Like the previous two generations, the Apple Watch follows the same design language. That means if you plan on upgrading to the newer model, all your existing bands would support that. Then we come to what’s new. According to Apple’s event, the new watch would feature a blood oxygen sensor. This would be quite appropriate during the COVID-19 spread as blood oxygen level is something quite important to monitor. Not only that, but Apple has also added a completely new health sensor which would monitor readings much more accurately.

The New Series 6 comes with blood oxygen sensors and in a red colour too

Apple added a new chipset to the Watch which would be based on the A13 Bionic. This would make the Series 6 about 20 per cent faster than the current 5th generation Apple Watch. The always-on display has been tweaked as well to give better brightness to its users in all settings. New bands would be available too with waterproof ones as well. They have also added better integration for developers to make more and better watch faces for the Apple Watches on WatchOS 7.

A big addition was the new colours available for the Series 6. There would be a new blue aluminium finish and a red one as well. A new grey-black version in the same finish and the existing gold one has been updated quite significantly as well.

The Apple Watch Series 6 would come in at the standard rate of $399 and more for different configurations and sizes.

Apple Watch SE

Perhaps the more awaited product for today’s event was the budget Apple Watch: The Apple Watch SE. Targeted at users who want a more budget option, the Apple Watch SE is just that. It follows the same design language as the Apple Watch Series 6 but is plastered down a bit. It lacks some of the features such as the blood oxygen monitor which has just been introduced. Additionally, it would have all the gyroscope and compass features available in its bigger brother.

Feature roundup for the Apple Watch SE

It wouldn’t have the same powerful chipset as the Series 6 but would be more inclined towards the S5 chipset. The introductory price for the Apple Watch SE would be at $279. Although considerably cheaper than Series 6, we would have preferred it to be much lower, between $200 and $250. This would render the Series 3 redundant though. But then again, in 2020, is it relevant?

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