Apple Announced New MacBooks: Support the New 9th Gen i9 Processors

The MacBook Pro line up is one of the most powerful multi-functioning platforms by Apple. The Pro line up not only brings a diverse use to the table, but it backs it with desktop-grade power, packed in a portable chassis. Although many have so much to say about the device but most of the content creators we see today are avid MacBook Pro users. There is so much right with the machine IF you know which one to get. It is true that while it does support the new Intel i9 chipset, it struggles to cool it and restrict thermal throttling. We saw these in countless reports and videos until Apple addressed the issue by restricting the clock speeds. Not only that, people, including myself, are tired of complaining about that AWFUL keyboard. When will Apple learn that thin cannot always be practical. Actually, it seldom is.

Anyway, coming back to the news at hand. According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple sneakily announced the new Macbooks for 2019. Perhaps we won’t be seeing a design refresh this year too. To be honest, it’s not necessary. The design is quite modern, even though the bezels are still a sight for sore eyes.

The Update

Updated Configuration

According to the report, Apple has internally upgraded the 15-inch model. It has added an 8-core i9 processor to the machine for the $2799 model. The device can be upgraded to an even more powerful 2.4 GHz i9 processor which can boost clock to 5Ghz! Apart from that, both the devices, the 13 and the 15-inch models are set to get a new rendition of the butterfly key switches.

Apple last upgrades the butterfly keys back in 2018 when they added a silicone membrane to the internal layer. Sadly though, it too faced similar issues its predecessor faced. This time, Apple claims that it has added new material to the devices which would be more resistant to dust.


In the end, I would like to comment that while this article does have some of you wanting to get your hands on the new MacBook, you should wait. Wait for professional reviewers to test out the devices. Last year, people were quite psyched by the idea of an i9 processor on a MacBook. Sadly though, the thermal throttling burst their bubble prematurely. We have to wait and see how they tackled the problem here.

Secondly, if you already have a MacBook from 2016 to 2018 era, I would not recommend upgrading. It is sad to know that in these processor upgrades, Apple has not made 32GB ram standard for the top end $2799 model. It is even more sad to know that the 13-inch is still stuck on Intel graphics and 8GB RAM out of the box. Would it kill them to just include a graphics unit? After all, it is a MacBook Pro. Perhaps these are the little kinks here and there that we cannot expect the trillion dollar giant to cover.

Sarmad Burki
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