Apple all set to launch another “Star” line of feathery gadgets

Apple perfectly realizes the need of change in the world of tech and gadgets so here they are with yet another new line of products for their user which will be launched under the name of “Star” that is expected a range of products that will contain the best of all feature among Apple laptops and cellular devices by basically aiming for a fusion of macOS and iOS. They will be light weighted and supportive of ARM processors. So Apple is ready to step up their tech game.

These rumors intensified with the roll out of news by the 9to5Mac sources about the existence of prototypes of the devices that are already being tested including functions of a cellular device like GPS, Compass, Sim card slot and touchscreen. Apart from cellular devices they align with Apple laptops by working on the same basic software.

Apple kept their tradition alive and just as iPhone and iPads, they labelled this new range of products more of an entirely different family of products more of carrying the heritage of iOS. By carrying the “heritage of iOS” means that these gadgets belong to an entirely varying range of devices that function unlike other devices that Apple has currently been producing to ensure innovation and revolution within the outdated product lines that are at the moment present in the market.

As we all know that Apple designs products for a specific segment of consumers that provide them with the major chunk of their profits thus the company knows how to feed on the needs of this target market, that indirectly means that we should not expect the host company to deviate from their marketing strategies and open their arms to other segments even though they can for sure.

Apple’s efforts in proving iPad as a potential replacement of conventional laptops will for sure be given a push by the launch of their new “Star” line of devices that are expected to hit the market in 2020.

Bill Wilson
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Apple all set to launch another “Star” line of feathery gadgets

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