Apple AirTags Help Law Enforcement Apprehend Airport Luggage Thief

AirTags are tracking devices developed by Apple, and it’s primarily meant to be used as a personal object finder, like phones and keys. But obviously, the technology can also be used for nefarious means, like tracking someone without their permission, of which there are known incidents. Although, in a nice change of pace, Apple‘s AirTags have recently helped law enforcement apprehend an airline worker for stealing passengers luggage. 

This incident occurred at the Destin-Fort Walton Beach airport, where the luggage of two travelers went missing, and it never arrived at the destination airport. The first traveler lost her luggage in July this year, with an approximate value of $1600 along with an AirTag. Another traveler lost his luggage recently in August, with jewelry and valuables worth over $15000, also along with an AirTag. 

OCSO Investigators made consensual contact with De Luca yesterday at his home on Kathy Court. They were able to recover the items reported missing August 9th.

 De Luca also admitted rummaging through the first victim’s suitcase and removing an Apple Airtag. Her belongings have not been recovered. 

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office 

Thankfully the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Airport Security Unit was able to apprehend the mail culprit, Giovanni De Luca. He was a subcontractor with the Destin-Fort Walton Airport. The Airport security unit used the employee database to figure out who lived near the vicinity of the first stolen AirTag.

That is when they zeroed in on Giovanni, and law enforcement officers even recovered the $15,000 in stolen jewelry from the second victim’s luggage. Unfortunately, items worth over $1600 from the first victims luggage were not recovered as they were likely disposed off by that time. 

As for the perpetrator De Luca, he now faces two counts of Grand Theft, with prison sentences ranging from 2-20 years for each incidence. 


Indranil Chowdhury

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