Apple Adds Upgrades For MacBook Pro 16 & The Mac Pro: New Graphics Unit Providing 75% More Performance & SSD Upgrade For The Latter

Apple is focusing on its computers now, it seems. Perhaps the uncertain future of the iPhone 12 has shifted the focus. With WWDC right around the corner, we are excited to see the new iMac design and other hardware that may accompany it. While that is all good, we haven’t seen any upgrades to the MacBook Pro 16 for quite some time now. This is perhaps because other machines came and went in between. Now though, there is something interesting afoot.

Gains for the MacBook Pro 16 & The Mac Pro

According to an article on 9to5Mac, the company has announced certain upgrades for its 2019 machines. Firstly, we talk about the MacBook Pro 16. The device was shipped with quite high-end internals and it could be spec’d up to quite a beast. Not to mention, it didn’t suffer from the severe thermal throttling its predecessors had to go through. It seemed as if Apple had perfected the MacBook once again. On the GPU side of things, Apple has decided to take it a step ahead. Previously, users had to shell out about a hundred dollars extra for the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics. Now though, Apple has added another option to go even further. The AMD Radeon Pro 5600M is available with HBM2 memory. While it would run the user an extra $700, it would also give about a 75% boost in graphical performance. For a pro user on the go, that is definitely a plus.

Now, talking about the other development, Apple has announced an upgrade program for the 2019 Mac Pro. According to the company, you will be able to get an SSD upgrade kit to add extra storage had you gone a little soft while buying the machine. It may also be for people who want more storage now. While this upgrade is still unavailable on the website, sources say it would be out pretty soon, today.


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