App Researcher Finds Hidden Snapchat and Amazon Partnership with “Camera Search” Feature

An unreleased feature for the Snapchat app that adds the ability to scan the real world for products found on Amazon has been uncovered by Ishan Agarwal. Ishan is an app researcher who tipped of TechCrunch to the code today.

Snapchat had previously added integration with Shazam so the foray into Amazon searches will further widen the general use cases for the app. Originally codenamed “Eagle,” the new “Visual Search” feature could give Snapchat alternative means of revenue through Amazon referrals. In the most recent quarter, Snapchat posted a $385 million loss, which makes adding a theoretically lucrative partnership with Amazon makes a lot of sense.


According to TechCrunch, neither Amazon nor Snapchat has confirmed the new feature, but the leaked code speaks for itself. The addition of this new feature could also distract users from the news that three women were arrested on June 22 for allegedly making a Snapchat video of an elderly woman at a senior living facility in Georgia.

While the image searching for products may be new, Snapchat added the ability to identify songs using audio two years ago. Users can then follow the artist or send the song to a friend.

The “Visual Search” feature was described as being able to press and hold to identify an object, song, or barcode, and have it display results from Amazon. Snapchat has been experimenting with “Visual Search” for a while now. Last year, they added the ability to search for things like puppies, fireworks, and other common searches based on images and not only the text associated with the posts. Now they have the opportunity to monetize the technology now that they’ve tested the water.

No screenshots or videos have been released for the new feature, which means it’s not clear exactly how it will be implemented at this time.

Corey Willis
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