Apex Legends Wattson Abilities Revealed, Releases July 2nd

During today’s EA Play panel, the company revealed a lot of new information, including details of Apex Legends’  next season. With less than a month until the launch of season two, EA has officially unveiled Wattson, the game’s second post-launch character.


According to her character page, Wattson is a Static Defender who uses electrical gizmos to hinder opponents and support teammates at the same time.

Her tactical ability, Perimeter Security, allows her to create an electrical fence by placing and connecting ‘nodes’. Wattson has a total of twelve nodes available to her, so she can assert a lot of pressure on her opponents. If an enemy crosses the electrical fence, not only will their location be revealed, but they will also be stunned and take damage.

According to EA, players will need to “create an ecosystem to survive the current meta of Apex legends. Careful planning and map knowledge required.”

Wattson’s passive ability, Spark of Genius, allows her to fully recharge her ultimate ability by using one ultimate accelerant.

Speaking of ultimate abilities, Interception Pylon is the character’s ultimate ability. When placed, these “electrified pylons” destroy incoming ordnance and repair friendly shields within its range. In addition, standing near interception pylons will boost the recharge rate of Wattson’s tactical ability. She can place a maximum of three pylons.

On top of her unique and definitely game-changing abilities, Wattson has a pretty neat backstory. EA did a good job at detailing the character’s history with the help of a heartfelt short, check it out:

Apex Legends’ second post-launch character will release alongside the L-Star weapon with the game’s next season. Season two of the battle royale will introduce new content and makes numerous changes to Kings’ Canyon. Additionally, the second iteration of the battle pass will feature even more cosmetics in the form of character and weapon skins. Expect to see Wattson in-game when season two launches on July 2nd.

Apex Legends is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin.

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