Apex Legends: Watch Octane’s ‘Jump Pad’ Ability in Action

Apex Legends’ season one will bring about numerous changes and additions, including a new playable character called Octane. A leak from earlier this month revealed the new character’s design as well as their abilities. As we approach the launch of season one, developer Respawn has seemingly introduced a Jump Pad into Apex Legends’ main build.

Jump Pad

Thanks to a number of leaks and datamines, we know that Octane’s ultimate involves some sort of a mobility gadget. As shared by coreross, a Jump Pad was found in the Xbox One version of Apex Legends. The gadget is reportedly located just outside of Market, and is usable by all players. When stepped on, the device propels the player up and towards the direction they are facing.

As for Octane’s other abilities, he has a passive called Swift Mend, and a tactical called Adrenaline Junkie. The passive ability allows the character to slowly regenerate all of his lost health over time. Moreover, his tactical lets him increase his movement speed by 30% at the cost of 10% of his own health. While his tactical is active, Octane is supposedly immune to slow effects. This is likely referring to the slow effect caused when a player is hit by grenades.

The way Respawn is teasing the new character is very unique. From the looks of things, the Jump Pad is shaping up to be part of Apex Legends’ map. This is something we’ve seen before with Pathfinder and his zipline ultimate. At the moment, the only Jump Pad players have found is near Market. Furthermore, the gadget is nowhere to be found on the PC version, at least not in the same location.

Apart from that, there’s still no word on a release date for season one. The battle pass that is due to launch alongside season one will cost 950 Apex Coins. We are expecting another announcement from Respawn in the coming days.

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Apex Legends: Watch Octane’s ‘Jump Pad’ Ability in Action

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