Apex Legends: Unexpected Buff Allows Gibraltar to Counter Arc Stars

Last night, Apex Legends patch 1.1.1 went live and brought numerous balance changes. Most notably, the update buffed Gibraltar and Caustic, two of the game’s weakest characters. Both characters were given the Fortified passive perk, which provides 10% damage resistance. However, it seems that the patch brought an undocumented buff to Gibraltar.

Arc Star

As reported by Reddit user VonArne, Gibraltar was given a “hidden buff” allowing him to counter arc stars with the help of his gun shield. Arc stars are throwable explosive devices which stick to surfaces including walls and enemies. However, if an arc star is stuck to Gibraltar’s gun shield, he can prevent it from detonating by simply lowering his weapon and disabling the shield.

At first players thought this was intentional. Other shields in Apex Legends such as Gibraltar’s dome shield and Lifeline’s revive shield also deflect projectiles, but they don’t discard them entirely like the gun shield does. Shortly after the update, Respawn’s Jayfresh took notice and clarified that this was an accidental change, and that they are “looking into it”.

If a player is stuck with an arc star, there’s no way to avoid the incoming damage and shell shock effect. Given that he is one of the weaker characters, Gibraltar’s ability to counter a stuck arc star would be a pretty nifty feature. It’s possible that the developers decide to keep the new ‘ability’, but it’s unlikely given that the character just received a significant buff.

Arc stars in Apex Legends are pretty inconsistent; several players have reported having their arc stars randomly disappear when stuck to enemies. In some cases, the arc star doesn’t properly attach, allowing the enemy to simply walk out of the blast radius.

Being a large-scale online multiplayer game, such issues are to be expected from Apex Legends. While the game has been afflicted by numerous bugs these past few days, developer Respawn has stayed on top of things with hotfixes and patches.

Farhan Ali
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