Apex Legends Strikes First on April Fools: Golden Mozambique Juiced Up To Inflict Huge Damage

Many tech companies pull off some news on 1st April which is so farfetched that it is just funny now. Apex Legends, from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts though, did something a bit different. While it is still early, they are perhaps one of the first ones to push their bit to the world.

While all you players may not agree, Mozambique, a shotgun in the game, is not anyone’s first choice when picking up weapons or looting someone. The fast-paced title seldom allows one to actually get close enough to an enemy to get the right amount of damage. On a regular day, you can expect about 15 damage from the gun, to the body. This is on a regular distance. Headshots may get you about 40-45 damage, depending on the armor, the distance and many more factors. This damage increases, on the skin with the Hammerpoint attachment though, but not by a lot.¬†This unattractive spec sheet also makes the weapon quite common and widely available in every room, and or building.

Apex Legends & April Fool’s

For this April 1st though, the company tried to do something quite interesting. What happened mere minutes ago was that suddenly players experienced a big upgrade in the weapon. Even without its attachment, the Hammerpoint, the gun’s damage specs rose beyond the roof. This was pointed out in a Reddit thread as well, adding a video to go with it.

For the April Fools there’s a gold Mozambique and its CRACKED. No shown well in this clip tho. from apexlegends

The video above shows that the damage done by the gun is quite greater than what we’d usually expect it to be.

A good one by the people behind Apex. Perhaps, we’d now see more and more people looking for Mozambiques. After all, this is actually a very, “once in a lifetime moment”. One other thing, this also gears us up for other game developers, tech companies and what they would do this year to “prank” us.


Sarmad Burki

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