Apex Legends Steam Version Will Add Half-Life and Portal-Themed Cosmetics

Over a year after its release in 2019, Apex Legends is finally set to launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch later this year. In addition to the new launches, developer Respawn confirmed last month that cross-play functionality will also be added to the battle royale game. With only a few months to go till the release of Apex Legends on Steam, it appears that players accessing the game on Steam are in for a surprise.

Earlier today, a post on the official EA website announcing three new Valve charms for Apex Legends went live. The post was quickly taken down, but not before speedy fans grabbed a capture of the page.

“We have some exciting news for those of you eagerly awaiting Apex Legends’ release on Steam this fall,” reads the now-deleted post. “We’re celebrating by giving away some very special gun charms to Steam players. It’s our way of saying welcome to the Arena.”

For now, it seems there are a total of three weapon charms themed after Valve’s iconic Half-Life and Portal games. The Headcrab Runner gun charm featuring Octane, a PotatOS gun charm featuring Portal’s GLaDOS, and finally a Wired Companions gun charm featuring Wattson.

Headcrab Runner Gun Charm
Headcrab Runner Gun Charm
PotatOS Gun Charm
PotatOS Gun Charm

All Apex Legends players on PC will be able to obtain these charms for free when the game launches on Steam later this fall. All you need to do to unlock these limited-time cosmetics is log onto Apex Legends Steam. Platform-exclusive cosmetics aren’t anything new for the battle royale, so it’s likely that Respawn will add some Nintendo Switch exclusive charms as well.

The official Steam listing for Apex Legends has been up for a while now, but we’re still waiting on more information regarding a release date.

For now, both the Nintendo Switch and Steam edition of Apex Legends have been given a time frame of sometime this fall.

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