Apex Legends Season Two: New Weapons And Attachments Revealed

Earlier this month during EA Play, a lot was revealed about Apex Legends’ next season. Alongside a reveal of the new playable character Wattson, developer Respawn hinted at new weapons, attachments, and hop-ups. Ahead of season two’s July 2nd launch, the developers have unveiled all upcoming combat-related changes and additions.


Released all the way back in February, the Havoc was Apex Legends’ first and only post-launch weapon. Now, after an array of leaks, the L-Star light machine gun is finally releasing as a supply drop exclusive weapon.

Arguably the most interesting thing about this weapon is its larger projectile size. Compared to every other gun in Apex Legends, the L-Star fires bigger, albeit slower, projectiles. As a result, players won’t need to be as accurate, but will have a harder time hitting moving targets. Like the Mastiff and the Kraber, the L-Star comes with a limited ammo supply that cannot be refilled.

New Hop-Ups

Starting from season two, two new hop-up attachments will be available in Kings Canyon.

The Disruptor Rounds, a hop-up compatible with the Alternator and RE-45, increase the damage dealt to shields. Meanwhile, Hammerpoint Rounds, a hop-up compatible with the P2020 and Mozambique, increase the damage dealt to unshielded targets.

With these new hop-ups, Respawn is attempting to “create more interplay between weapons” that are considered low-tier.

“Ideally players will consider one of these hopped-up small arms for weapon-swap tactics, and sometimes carry them unironically into endgame situations,” writes Respawn.

Although Respawn previously stated they don’t plan to change the weaker weapons, I’m thankful to see some love for the Mozambique and P2020. These new hop-ups won’t make you want to drop your R-301 for an Alternator, but they will definitely increase your chances of winning a gunfight when you can’t find better weapons.

New Attachment

The new hop-ups are joined by a new attachment: Energy Mags. Attachable on the Havoc, Devotion, and Triple Take, the functionality of Energy Mags is twofold. All Energy Mags increase ammo capacity, and those above level two also decrease reload time. This new attachment will improve gameplay by adding more loot and balancing out the power curve.

Other Changes

In addition to new content, season two is making some tweaks to the existing weapons.

Arc Stars, which Respawn has described as “spikey”, have been altered so they feel less “unfair”. The Arc Star ignition delay has been increased, and sticking one to an unshielded player will now instantly down them. Furthermore, players on the edge of an Arc Star explosion won’t have their shields completely taken out.

The collection of Gold Weapons found in Kings Canyon is also receiving an upgrade. Respawn hasn’t revealed exactly what’s new, but a full list will be shared in the soon-to-be revealed patch notes.

Additionally, ammo stack for shotgun shells and energy ammo have been changed. The maximum shotgun shell stack has been decreased to 16 (down from 64), and the maximum energy ammo stack has been increased to 80 (up from 60).

Respawn also stated that they’re making changes to the loot tables for supply drops.

The changes and additions mentioned here are only regarding weapons and combats, so expect season two to introduce a lot more in the way of content. Apart from this, the developers apparently still have a “few tweaks” up their sleeves. We’ll know more about these changes and the new playable character when season two launches on July 2nd.

Farhan Ali
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