Apex Legends Players Complain About Dull Battle Pass, Respawn Responds

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has finally revealed the highly-anticipated battle pass. The tier-based reward system allows players to unlock cosmetics and launches alongside season one today. However, it seems that the battle pass wasn’t what fans were expecting, as the subreddit is now being flooded with dozens of player complaints. Respawn responded to the complaints in a developer blog published shortly after the reveal.

Battle Pass

The first Apex Legends battle pass goes live with the launch of season one Wild Frontier today. Although free-to-play players can unlock some of the cosmetics, paying 950 Apex Coins for the battle pass gives you access to over a hundred rewards. However, players aren’t satisfied with the contents of the pass, and can’t seem to justify its $10 price tag.

In response to fan outcry, Respawn published a blog explaining its philosophy behind the first battle pass. “Season 1 is about keeping it focused and allowing players to earn a lot of rewards at a great value,” explains Lead Product Manager Lee Horn.

The developer stresses that this is only the first iteration of the battle pass, and that it will only get better in the future. The progression system used in Apex Legends’ battle pass isn’t that complex, but apparently Respawn purposely kept it simple for the initial version. However, the game may soon receive a “quest system” for battle pass progression, as the developer joked about challenges involving a “720 backflip off of Watchtower Artemis” and getting “two Wingman headshots before hitting the ground”.

As for the ‘dull’ rewards, Respawn wanted “first-time spenders” to be able to “fill out their initial collection at a deep discount.” For its hundredth reward, the battle pass offers the legendary Havoc skin, Apex Legends’ first “three-stage evolving” weapon skin.

Although some fans are still not convinced with Respawn’s handling of the battle pass, the developer assures us future iterations will be much better.

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Apex Legends Players Complain About Dull Battle Pass, Respawn Responds

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