Apex Legends New “Octane” Legend Abilities Leaked

Earlier this week, eleven unreleased Apex Legends characters were supposedly leaked. Apart from their names, we don’t know much about the Legends. Further leaks revealed that one of the characters, particularly Octane, would have a stimpack-based ability. Another alleged leak has given us a detailed description of Octane’s abilities.


According to a recent leak, one of Apex Legends’ upcoming playable characters is Octane. While we don’t see a clear view of the character model, an explanation of all three of his abilities have allegedly surfaced. Described as a High Speed Daredevil, the Legend has very unique abilities.

Swift Mend, Octane’s passive ability, allows him to restore health over time. This only comes into effect when the player is not taking damage.

The Adrenaline Junkie tactical ability allows Octane to move 30% faster for six seconds. Furthermore, the player is immune to ‘slows’ while the ability is active. This likely refers to the slowdown effect caused by Arc Stars and Caustic gas.

Unlike any other tactical ability in the game, Adrenaline Junkie reportedly ‘costs 10% health’ to activate. This raises several questions about the nature of this ability. An activation penalty coupled with a recharge timer is something we haven’t seen before in Apex Legends. It’s possible that the health penalty is a way to balance out the powerful movement boost provided by the ability. The synergy between Octane’s tactical and passive abilities looks to be very strong.

Finally, Launch Pad is Octane’s ultimate ability. Octane uses a ‘deployable jump pad’ to ‘catapult’ players through the air. Mobility-based ultimate abilities like Wraith’s portals and Pathfinder’s ziplines can be very useful. While it’s exact functionality is still unclear, Launch Pad looks to be a very useful ultimate ability.

All of the information above is based on a leak. Regarding the leak’s authenticity, it matches up with the recent datamined voice lines, and Octane’s abilities sound quite unique. However, until an official announcement is made, take all of this information with a grain of salt.

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Apex Legends New “Octane” Legend Abilities Leaked

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