Apex Legends: New Attachment Will Soon Make The Mozambique “Usable”

Earlier today, Apex Legends season two saw its official reveal. In addition to a new playable character, the new season will introduce the long-awaited L-Star alongside two new hop-ups. According to the developers, one of the two new hop-ups will be attachable on the Mozambique, finally making the meme gun “usable”.

While the developers have yet to share detailed information, season two of Apex Legends will change up the meta significantly. One of the main objectives is to improve the weaker weapons, such as the Mozambique and likely the P2020. It’s unclear how much good a single hop-up will do for the Mozambique, but hopefully it’s enough to make it more appealing than melee.


In addition to the new attachments, season two will add the L-Star. This fan favorite light machine gun from Titanfall 2 is apparently “so OP” that it can only be found in supply drops. On top of being “incredibly powerful”, the L-Star has the ability to shoot open doors. This fully automatic weapon features a 60-round magazine size for a total of 180 rounds.

There are, however, several drawbacks to the L-Star. Similar to the Kraber and the Mastiff, the L-Star doesn’t use any of the ammo found in the world. No refillable ammo means you’ll have to think twice before taking any gunfights. Moreover, sustained fully automatic fire will overheat the L-Star, which can be disastrous for the player.

Over the past few months, several datamines and leaks have made us aware about the existence of the L-Star. The Havoc is the first and most recent weapon to be added to Apex Legends after its launch. This, coupled with season one’s lackluster battle pass, made fans very upset.

Recently, developer Respawn has been focusing a lot on tackling cheaters and improving the gameplay experience. After a long wait, it’s great to see Apex Legends finally receive new content.

Farhan Ali
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