Apex Legends: Mozambique and P2020 Probably Won’t Get Buffed

About a month after its launch, Apex Legends has received its first major balance patch. The update went live earlier today and tweaked several characters and weapons. The Wingman and Peacekeeper weapons have been addressed, but the weaker ones like Mozambique and P2020 were left untouched.

Balance Update

The most significant changes made by the update are definitely the Wingman and Peacekeeper nerf. Since launch, both weapons, particularly the Wingman, have dominated the battlefield. The Wingman’s Skullpiercer headshot damage multiplier has been decreased from 2.5 to 2.25. Moreover, the rate of fire of both weapons has been lowered, and their spawn rate has also been reduced.

As all Apex Legends players probably know, there are a few severely underpowered weapons. The Mozambique and the P2020 are easily one of the weakest weapons, so it’s odd that the balance update didn’t make changes to either. In the update post, developer Respawn explained their reasoning of skipping a Mozambique buff.

“Our goal is to have a power curve of weapons,” says Respawn. “Some weapons are intentionally less powerful until fully purp’d with hopups and attachments, while other weapons on the bottom of the power curve are your early game, better-than-melee, but-gotta-upgrade-out-of-ASAP weapons.”

Basically, what this means is that weapons like the Mozambique are intended to be the way they currently are. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be changed in the future. Respawn will continue to analyze player feedback and data and decide whether these pistols need changes. Until then, no change will be made to the Mozambique and P2020.

Apart from bug fixes, there’s not much else in the update. Respawn shared details on some upcoming balance changes to Caustic, Pathfinder, Lifeline, Wraith, and Bangalore. Furthermore, a fix for the more pressing issue that is inconsistent hitbox sizes is just around the corner. Respawn confirmed that all these changes will deploy with season one alongside a resize of character hitboxes.

Check out the Reddit post for the full list of changes and bug fixes. Season one of Apex Legends is rumored to kick off later this month.

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