Apex Legends Mirage Buff May Finally Launch With Season 5

Originally scheduled for launch on May 8th, Apex Legends fifth season has been delayed by a week. The new seasonal update is set to introduce a large amount of content to the battle royale, including a new playable character Loba. While we don’t have the full patch notes yet, it seems that developer Respawn Entertainment is also prepping some significant balancing changes, including the highly-anticipated Mirage buff.


Mirage is one of Apex Legends’ weakest characters, and that’s not without reason. Almost all of the legend’s abilities, especially his ultimate, are considered to be subpar, if not useless. After uncountable requests to buff the character, the developers finally confirmed in April that a buff is “coming.”

Responding to a Twitter user inquiring about the Mirage buff, Design Director at Respawn Jason McCord tweeted, “Patch notes coming on Tuesday! (Mirage fans should be happy)”.

Apex Legend’s season 5 Fortune’s Favor gameplay trailer launched earlier this week, and it didn’t particularly focus on Mirage. However, it is likely that Respawn decided to keep the non-significant changes and additions secret until we draw closer to the launch of the next season.

In addition to the new character and balancing changes, the next season of Apex Legends is adding PvE. Set on the night version of King’s Canyon, these weekly ‘Hunt’ events task players with completing various objectives whilst fighting off Prowlers. There will be a total of nine hunts throughout season 5, and with no time limit, players can go through them at their own pace. Completing a hunt will grant rewards such as cosmetics, artifact pieces for quests, and progression in The Broken Ghost story.

Apex Legends season 5 is due out on May 12th. The seasonal update will be available on all platforms for free. Details about the new update including patch notes will be shared early next week on Tuesday, May 12th.

Farhan Ali
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