Apex Legends Leak Hints at ‘Flamethrower’ and ‘Remote Turret’ Items

In only one month, Apex Legends has earned itself quite the reputation. Despite the extremely fast growth of the game, developer Respawn is committed to adding new content. A couple of days ago, the game’s first content update brought the Havoc assault rifle. It seems that the developers have a lot more weapons planned, as a new leak hints at a Flamethrower and a Remote Turret.

New Weapons

As discovered by @AustinScriver, the recent balance update gave dataminers a sneak-peak of some upcoming content. Digging through Apex Legends’ files after the new update led to some interesting discoveries.

The leak suggests that Apex Legends could potentially add two new weapons: a Flamethrower and a Remote Turret. Apart from what we assume are their names, there’s not much else we know about the items. While both seem like they would be added as weapons, it’s possible that Respawn takes a different approach. Deployable items (not including legend abilities) currently aren’t part of Apex Legends, but if they are added to the game, a remote turret sounds like a great starting point.

Another possibility is that both of these are references to legend abilities. As the names of eleven upcoming characters have been leaked, the flamethrower and remote turret could be a tactical or ultimate ability. Recent leaks revealed the unreleased legend Octane’s ability, so despite what his name suggests, the flamethrower probably isn’t connected to him.

Flamethrower and Remote Turret
Flamethrower and Remote Turret

If you’ve been keeping up, this news probably sounds very similar. Around the time that the Havoc was added to the game, dataminers discovered references to the L-STAR weapon. It’s been several days since the discovery, but the weapon is no where to be seen. Until we receive an official announcement from Respawn, don’t get your hopes up for the flamethrower and remote turret. Apex Legends season one begins this month, so expect an official announcement very soon.

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Apex Legends Leak Hints at ‘Flamethrower’ and ‘Remote Turret’ Items

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