Apex Legends Adding ‘Explosive Ammo’ Soon, Leak Suggests

Over the course of four seasons, Apex Legends has added a plethora of content. Developer Respawn has kept the battle royale’s momentum going with regular updates in the form of new characters, weapons, and even limited time modes. In addition to the recently added sniper ammo, a new leak claims that Apex Legends is adding a new explosive ammo.

As reported by Dexerto, a leak via Reddit suggests that a new ammo type is “coming soon”. Recently, dataminers uncovered voice lines for a number of unreleased weapons, and it seems that there’s a definite link between the two leaks. Character voice lines for weapons such as the Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Cold War, Archer, and Softball were found.

Explosive Ammo
Explosive Ammo

Avid Respawn fans will recognize some of these weapons from the Titanfall games. Apex Legends is known for its unique weapons, and these explosive weapons would fit right in. As we connect the dots, it seems more and more likely that Apex Legends will soon add some sort of explosive weapons. Since explosive weapons are always difficult to balance, players are already against the idea of adding them into the game.

Respawn is yet to officially announce the introduction of a new ammo type, so take this leak with a grain of salt. Additionally, the studio previously confirmed that they have put in false information in the game files to throw off dataminers. According to Dot Esports, one of the reasons Forge was teased was to “misdirect data miners”. Respawn feels that “data miners are “stealing” their right to decide how they announce the content that they’ve put their “hearts and souls” into”, so it might be that the information listed above is merely added to annoy dataminers.

Regardless, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement before we can confirm a new ammo type. It took Respawn over a year to add the new sniper ammo, so it might be a long wait before receive any such new content.

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Apex Legends Adding ‘Explosive Ammo’ Soon, Leak Suggests

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