Apex Legends L-Star Weapon Skin Found in Apex Packs, Wattson Ability Leaked

Earlier this week, an update to Apex Legends resulted in players all over the world losing their progression. This happened because players were unintentionally moved to wrong servers, some of which contained weapon skins of the L-Star. Furthermore, dataminers uncovered names and 3D models of five unreleased weapons.


Shortly after the update, players reported receiving weapon skins for the L-Star from loot packs. We know from lots of speculation that the L-Star was in development for Apex Legends. This incident basically confirms that the release of the highly-anticipated LMG is right around the corner.

L-Star Weapon Skin
L-Star Weapon Skin

As it turns out, the new update was a goldmine for dataminers. 3D models for five new weapons were added into the game.

Additionally, models of what seems to be Wattson’s ability were found. As uncovered by The Gaming Merchant, Wattson’s ability includes some sort of a pole capable of generating electricity in a radius.

Tesla Pole
Tesla Pole
Tesla Pole Radius
Tesla Pole Radius

Apart from the models, there isn’t much we know about the pole’s functionality. It’s speculated that the device shocks and damages any enemies located within its radius, but its actual working could be entirely different.

It’s unclear why these models were added to the game so early. One explanation is that Respawn is prepping to deploy these gadgets into the map as a way to tease Wattson. As this is exactly what happened with Octane’s jump pad, it’s likely that the developers are doing something similar for Wattson.

Dataminers also found traces of numerous unreleased weapons. Assets with references to EPG, SOFTBALL_AT, Defender, ARL, and Archer were found. Almost all of the weapons are named after and based on Titanfall 2 weapons. Twitter user RealApexLeaks provided a closer look at the 3D models.

Apart from the L-Star skins, all of the information is based on leaks and datamines. Respawn has previously stated not to consider leaks “as a source of truth”, and that Apex Legends contains lots of scrapped assets. Until we receive an official announcement from the developers, take this with a grain of salt.


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