Apex Legends’ Infamous Rapid-Fire Peacekeeper Glitch Returns

With the release of season three weeks away, a popular Apex Legends glitch from earlier this year has made a return. Shortly after the game’s launch in February 2019, players discovered a bug that significantly increased the fire rate of the Peacekeeper shotgun. Despite it being an extremely gamebreaking glitch, it took developer Respawn several weeks to fix it.

As discovered by Youtuber Apex Vids, the notorious exploit is back in Apex Legends. While its execution isn’t as simple anymore, its effects are still devastating. The previous version of this bug worked by exploiting animations. It was so easy that any Apex player with basic game knowledge could perform it.

Fortunately, the new version of the bug isn’t as easy. The founder of the glitch states that they needed to make a program to properly execute the glitch. Alongside reporting the issue to EA, the person didn’t publicly disclose the exact steps required to replicate it.

Apex Legends has been out for several months now, and the game has since had numerous run-ins with glitches. While most are minor ones that don’t have any significant impact on gameplay, some are much more catastrophic.

Since the dawn of competitive multiplayer games, players have been finding lots of tricks that provide them with a competitive advantage. For example, cancelling reload animations in Counter Strike, and Fortnite’s infamous “double pump” mechanic both allow players to gain the upper hand in an engagement.

Apex Legends’ Peacekeeper bug, however, is in a league of its own. It’s very clear that, in its current state, the lever-action shotgun is too powerful for the game. As such tricks require a considerable amount of skill to perform, I wouldn’t be surprised if Respawn chooses to simply nerf the Peacekeeper fire-rate glitch instead of removing it outright. Either way, hopefully the developers are aware of it and are working on a solution.

Farhan Ali
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