Apex Legends: Here’s How Much You Need to Play to Get The Next Battle Pass for Free

Apex Legends’ highly anticipated season one Wild Frontier has kicked off alongside the first battle pass. Available for 950 Apex Coins, the tier-based progression system allows players to not only unlock cosmetics, but also receive Apex Coins. In total, the battle pass contains 1000 Apex Coins spread across 10 rewards, meaning that, with enough playtime, you can get the season two pass for free.

Apex Legends

Assuming that the second battle pass will also cost 950 Apex Coins, you’ll need to get to level 97 on the current pass to unlock the necessary Apex Coin rewards. If you’ve purchased the season one pass, you have until the end of the season to unlock all possible rewards. So how much experience do you need to do just that? An illustration by GamingFeature explains just how much you need to play to get to level 97.

Each level in Apex Legends requires 29,500 XP. So, reaching level 100 would require 2,920,500 XP. If it seems like a lot, that’s because it is. The battle pass runs throughout the three-month long season one, which is why the grind needed to max out levels is lengthy.

The laborious process can be shortened with the help of numerous bonuses. The first kill of the day bonus, combined with the first kill of the day per legend can net you 4,500 XP per day. Furthermore, there’s a 25,000 XP bonus survival time per legend. All in all, you can gain 256,500 bonus XP every week.

As you progress through the battle pass, you unlock XP boosts at varying levels. There are ten XP boosts, each increasing earned XP by 2.5%, available to be unlocked.

As calculated by Reddit users crossmr and caroline-rg, the survival time required to max out one legend is 139 minutes. Therefore, maxing out the survival time for all legends would require a whopping 21 hours of survival time per week. Although unlocking these bonuses is not mandatory, doing so will significantly speed up your progression through the battle pass. There are numerous ways of gaining experience, but if you’re going on survival time alone, you’ll need 150 hours of gameplay to get to level 110.

Playtime Per Day

Employing all of these strategies and simply playing good will get you 1000 Apex Coins by playing as little as 2 hours of in-match time per day. This is considering you play every day until the end of the season, which is harder than it sounds.

Keep in mind these numbers don’t take into account varying XP gains such as kills and placement. If you really want to blast through the levels, strive to get high kill games and survive to top three. You can also party up with friends and stack up the XP bonuses. Of course, you can always speed things along by paying for tiers, but that defeats the purpose of the entire activity.

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Apex Legends: Here’s How Much You Need to Play to Get The Next Battle Pass for Free

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