Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade Event Adds Seven Limited Time Modes, Includes Third-Person

Approaching the end of its third season, Apex Legends is planning to run a variety of limited time modes over a period of two weeks. The free-to-play battle royale’s Grand Soirée event kicks off on January 14th. Seven rotating game modes, each running for two days, will allow players to partake in both new and old limited time modes, including Gold Rush and the rumored third-person mode.

Grand Soirée

Centered around the Roaring Twenties, the Grand Soirée event adds an array of similarly themed cosmetics, including both fancy weapon skins dapper character outfits.

The main attraction, however, is the limited time mode arcade event. Starting January 14th until January 28th, developer Respawn entertainment will periodically rotate limited time modes. The list includes a bunch of familiar modes such as Kings Canyon After Dark and Gold Rush, but there are also new entries like the leaked Third-Person Mode and DUMMIE’s Big Day. Respawn refrained from indulging into details regarding the new modes, so you’ll have to try them out yourself when they come into rotation on January 18th and 26th, respectively.

Grand Soiree
Grand Soiree

In addition to the modes, Respawn has reworked event challenges into a new prize track system that “gives everyone more rewards and more ways to earn”. Players can complete limited time Soiree challenges, each worth 1000 points, to progress the Event Prize Track, allowing them to unlock rewards.

“We’ve tuned the system so that you don’t need to be there every day,” writes Respawn. “But the socialites among you will also receive a special badge for trying every mode. And don’t worry, you’ll still be able to complete your battle pass challenges throughout the event too.”

Furthermore, playing during the Bonus Scoring Weekend from January 17th to January 20th will give players who are short on points a chance to catch up by completing additional challenges worth 500 points.

Apex Legends Grand Soirée event marks the end of season three. The fourth season is scheduled for release on 4th February, exactly one year after the game’s initial launch.

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Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade Event Adds Seven Limited Time Modes, Includes Third-Person

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