Apex Legends Datamine Reveals Abilities of Unreleased Character

Since its launch in February 2019, Apex Legends has released two DLC characters. Like the rest of the playable characters, Octane and Watson both featured unique traits and abilities. With the release of a third character imminent, eager data miners have uncovered some significant information regarding Rosie.


Rosie, also known as Loba, is an upcoming playable character in Apex Legends. Developer Respawn officially teased the character a couple of weeks ago via a cryptic message containing the tagline “What’s wrong with Rosie???”.


Since then, the Apex Legends community has been busy speculating the abilities of the new character. While we still haven’t received an official announcement, reputable leaker That1MiningGuy has allegedly dug up detailed information about Rosie’s abilities.

According to the image posted by the dataminer, Rosie’s unique set of abilities will allow her to identify and steal loot. She’ll also be able to maneuver around the map quickly by using her teleport ability. There are a bunch of abilities listed, but we don’t yet know the exact functionality of each.

Burglar’s Best Friend, which sounds like a tactical ability, allows Rosie to “throw a disc and teleport to that location”.

Next, Supply for Demand lets Rosie choose a type of loot and identify all such items in the area. This ability also locates items through walls.

Black Market Boutique is a deployable device which can “steal all nearby loot”. This sounds like the most interesting ability, as stealing loot from other players could be a complete game changer.

Lastly, Loba also has an Eye for Quality, a trait which lets her see loot through walls and “open up hidden compartments in loot bins”.

As this information originates from unverified leaks, take it with a grain of salt. Although That1MiningGuy has provided authentic information in the past, it’s possible the abilities listed above are something else entirely. Until we receive an official announcement from the developers themselves, don’t get too excited for the Translocating Thief Rosie.

Farhan Ali
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Apex Legends Datamine Reveals Abilities of Unreleased Character

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