Apex Legends Datamine Reveals New Character ‘Loba’

With Apex Legends’ fourth season coming to a close, fans are eagerly waiting for news regarding the next big content drop. The Old Ways event, which launched earlier this week, is prepping the end of the current season with notable additions, such as a permanent duos mode. The next season is scheduled for launch on May 5th and will introduce a hefty amount of content to the battle royale.

While there’s not a lot of official news, recent rumors and leaks have pointed to ‘Loba’ as season five’s debut character. Reputable Apex Legends dataminer iLootGames dug up a whole bunch of information regarding Loba, including her abilities and even animations.


Like most of the datamines we’ve seen, Loba’s abilities aren’t exactly easy to decipher. The general theme of the abilities seem to be related to looting, but you can judge for yourself.

Burglar’s Best Friend

Throw a disc and teleport to that location.

Supply for Demand

Choose a type of loot and reveal all of related items around you through walls.

Eye for Quality

Loba can see through nearby walls for loot and can sense when loot bins have a hidden compartment with valuable loot.

Black Market Boutique

Place a device that can steal all nearby loot.

If you’ve played Apex Legends, you’ll know that the abilities listed are more than the three per each character. However, do note that this all based on unofficial news and everything above is subject to change. Respawn is known for its trickery when it comes to datamines and rumors, so it won’t be surprising to see some, if not all of Loba’s abilities altered.

Over the past few months, Respawn’s casual rivalry with Apex Legends dataminers and leakers has become notorious. In the weeks leading up to season four’s launch, the studio misled many with the ‘fake’ character Forge, so we may actually see a similar story with season five.

Farhan Ali
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