Apex Legends Community Tournament Guidelines Detailed

Community driven competitive environments are not unheard of for battle royale games. Apex Legends, the newest battle royale title from the creators of Titanfall, has already seen numerous community tournaments. As the game’s competitive scene continues to grow, EA has shared the community tournament guidelines to ensure competitions are managed properly.

Community Tournament Guidelines

While EA is fully in favor of Apex Legends tournaments organized by the community, it strictly prohibits tournaments which generate commercial profit. “EA understands that the running and management of your tournament may require you to incur certain costs, but your monetisation plans should aim at covering such costs, not to generate a commercial profit.”

Furthermore, community hosted tournaments may not use official EA or Respawn logos. Basically, you must make state “in a clear and conspicuous manner” that the tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by EA.

Prize pools can go up to but shouldn’t exceed $10,000 USD, and the total revenue generated from streaming of the tournament may not exceed $10,000 USD. Additionally, EA allows a tournament entry fee of no more than $20 USD for each player.

In addition to all the limitations listed above, community tournaments must not promote companies or products that relate to:

  • Sexually explicit materials, or online dating
  • Alcohol, tobacco or medical substances or devices
  • Weapons or explosives
  • Tattoos or body branding services
  • Gambling, wagering or lottery (including fantasy sports sites)
  • Political ads or otherwise promoting a political agenda
  • Any product or service that is inconsistent with the assigned to Apex Legends age rating for the country in which the tournament is held (e.g. a toy targeting children in Germany where the game is rated 18+)

As Apex Legends currently doesn’t include the ability to host custom games, tournaments are handled differently. Essentially, all participants of a tournament play public matches during a certain time frame. Points are awarded on the basis of kills and wins, and so whichever team ends up on top is crowned the winner.

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