Apex Legends Season Five Teases Major Changes to Kings Canyon

As we approach the end of season four, Apex Legends is continuing to tease some of the changes coming in the next seasonal update. Although it was previously scheduled for launch in the first week of May, Respawn has now delayed season five of the battle royale by a full week. Teasers about the new season, however, have not ceased. Over the past month, the studio has hinted at huge changes coming to Kings Canyon via cryptic in-game teasers.

After weeks of deciphering clues and cross-checking with datamined results, Reddit user OrcusDei believes they have finally discovered what the upcoming map changes are. As reported by Dexerto, OrcusDei cleverly spotted a dome-like structure showcased near the north-eastern part of Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends
New Dome Structure

The image above provides a rough estimate of both the location of the new area as well as the size of the structure. The comparison image of the dome and KC labs clearly shows a 3D representation of both areas, suggesting that the new building will be one of the biggest areas the map has ever seen.

While the information above does come from in-game teasers and datamines, make sure to take everything with a grain of salt. Respawn is known to have misled dataminers and theorists by leaving decoy clues, so its definitely possible that this is just another elaborate prank from the developers.

Additionally, Kings Canyon is also a map that doesn’t see many significant changes. Since its the only map available in ranked mode and is also loved by most of the community, I can imagine why Respawn would think twice about changing even the smallest features. However, since its release over a year ago, the map has seen numerous minor changes as well as a handful of major ones. As such, it is quite likely that season five of Apex Legends will shake up the map in one way or another.

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Apex Legends Season Five Teases Major Changes to Kings Canyon

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