Anthem Receives DLSS, Nvidia Shows a Significant Improvement in Performance

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is the method employed to make Ray Tracing a viable option in games. With the first update of DLSS to Battlefield 5, many gamers reported significant improvements to their games performance-wise. After a few tweaks to sort out the kinks in the DLSS’ armor, it is now a great option for gamers who want to enjoy crystal-clear reflections at respectable framerates. So far DLSS has made it to Battlefield 5, Metro Redux, and now Anthem.

The update is scheduled to be released today and what’s more is Nvidia has actually provided figures on the difference between DLSS being on and off.

Performance Difference Source – Nvidia

Nvidia’s figures dictate that on 4K, using DLSS provides up to 40% improvement in performance at maximum game settings. Though, from our understanding of this data, we wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re sporting an RTX 2080 Ti due to the performance still being sub-60 frames.

Nvidia has also provided a video showing the difference DLSS makes on the game.

Though DLSS looks spectacular now, it bids well for the future of RTX in general.

Why This is Good News

Now that more games are bringing DLSS onboard, it is allowing for the RTX series of cards to really spread it’s wings. That said, the idea of owning an RTX card still comes as a bit of a gag to seasoned pc gamers. However, with features like DLSS to boost the abilities of the tensor cores on the cards, things might change very soon.

With deep learning gaining more and more traction in todays tech world, it’s not out of the question that soon we will be seeing even more features that make the better utilization of system resources. Nvidia is already working on creating images from what looks like a paint drawing, it’s only a matter of time before something else arises. Furthermore, game development companies are trying to add DLSS into more titles. it seems that they consider DLSS to be a feature that could potentially breathe new life into old games. Sadly however, we have to leave that discussion for another time.

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Anthem Receives DLSS, Nvidia Shows a Significant Improvement in Performance

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