Anthem Players Organize Protest To Get Recent Loot Changes Reversed

It hasn’t been one month since Anthem’s launch and the game’s reputation is already being dragged through the mud. After hoofing its way through a handful of controversies, Bioware has yet again managed to upset players. Following the recent loot drop changes, Anthem players have started a protest which aims to get the loot drops buffed.

Loot Drop Changes

Earlier this week, a patch for the game brought significant changes to the loot system. Essentially, the update made it so that level 30 players would not receive common or uncommon items. However, players quickly realized that the drop rates were actually worse after the patch.

The ‘loot nerfs’ angered a lot of players, so much so that one of them decided to make a move. Reddit user Afinda shared a post and called for a week-long boycott of Anthem, and it quickly gained a lot of attention. The purpose of the boycott, which is already underway, is to get a message across to the developers.

“Bring back the Bug and let us taste the Lootshower,” writes Afinda. “Get your point across, simple as that. Stop Playing the game for a whole Week (Hopefully with the support of the entire Subreddit) to show BioWare that all it’d take for us to really enjoy the game, is to receive loot.”

With how much attention the protest has caught, both Bioware and EA are likely aware of the situation. If the boycott successfully achieves its goal, which is to ‘hurt’ Anthem by denying microtransactions, then EA could be facing a potentially disastrous aftermath.

Although the protest seems to be a very aggressive move, players are only doing this to get their voices heard. The recent loot drop changes make it extremely tiresome to obtain decent rewards in Anthem. So if Bioware listens to the fans and decides to improve the loot drops, or at the very least, revert the changes, the week-long blackout will have served its purpose.

Farhan Ali
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Anthem Players Organize Protest To Get Recent Loot Changes Reversed

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