Android TVs With Dedicated ‘Gaming Mode’, Optimized for Google Stadia Launched At CES 2020 By Philips

Android TVs have long been hoped would become an important gaming system in itself, and the future appears nearer than ever. New 4K Ultra High Definition TVs running Android TV OS, and optimized for Google Stadia with ‘Gaming Mode’, have officially arrived. Philips launched its new series of Android TVs, including one model that’s optimized for gaming, including Google Stadia.

There’s no secret that Google has been steadily moving towards high-end console-quality gaming on the Android OS ecosystem. While smartphone gaming has gained significant momentum, Smart TVs have lagged behind. However, with the arrival of Google Stadia, playing console-quality games on relatively humble hardware through cloud-hosted games became a reality on Android. With a range of new 4K UHD TVs, Philips has welcomed the era of remote cloud gaming on Android TVs. Of course, the TVs are meant for console-connected games as well.

Philips 5905 Series of 4K Android TVs Come Optimized For Google Stadia With Dedicated ‘Gaming Mode’:

Philips is getting ready for Stadia with one of its latest line of Android TVs. The Philips 5905 Series of 4K Android TVs, available in sizes between 43 and 75 inches, is optimized for console-quality gaming, and more specifically, it appears to be meant for Google Stadia subscription. The TVs sport a special ‘Gaming Mode’, which when enabled, claim to reduce latency by half. The 50 percent reduction in latency is compared to last year’s Philips Android TVs.

Incidentally, the talk about latency appears to be in relation to high-end gaming consoles like Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox connected directly to the Philips Android Smart TVs. There’s always going to be some latency due to Stadia’s internet-based delivery model, and hence, any efforts to reduce the local hardware’s latency are a welcome step. Philips assures the latency reduction is meant for Google Stadia, but the difference should also be noticeable while playing games on traditional consoles as well.

In addition to the gaming optimized Philips 5905 Series, the company has also announced the 5704 and 5505 Series Android TVs, which will arrive soon. They feature a special remote with Google Assistant baked into the same. The higher-end Philips 6705 Series, expected to arrive later this year, will offer a completely hands-free Assistant experience, similar to an always-on and always-active smart speaker. Describing the features, Philips said,

“The 6-Series televisions include an integrated far-field, echo-canceling microphone array giving users hands-free voice-activated access to the Google Assistant, so there’s no need to touch the remote control to control your TV. Dual noise-canceling microphones are embodied at the bottom bezel of the television, capturing voice commands while eliminating background noise — including the TV’s own audio.”

Philips also teased its existing line of 4K OLED Android TVs with the Ambilight technology for the North American market. The tech automatically syncs media to three lights shining out the sides of the TV. These flagship models support Dolby Atmos audio, Dolby Vision video, HDR 10, and HDR 10+.

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