Android to Get a Revamped Google Photos App: Features like Custom Time Stamp & Shared Pet Albums to Come!

Google Photos came to market back in 2015. It really did revolutionise the cloud storage world. The service allowed users to upload photos and videos to the cloud via the app. Not only that, but these could be edited as well. Perhaps it has grown from then. After all, it has been 4 years since its initial launch. Some of the most attractive features include support for photos and videos. Now, where this gets interesting is the fact that Google has since allowed users to upload an unlimited number of photos and videos to the app. While some of you unaware bunch must be jumping off their seats, there is a slight twist to the notion. For photos under 16 megapixels and videos restricted to 1080p, this is the standard and Google calls it Standard Resolution. For anything higher or in native quality, Google simply asks users to cop up some cash after the initial 15GB on Google Drive is filled up.

Nevertheless, the service is truly quite amazing. Speaking from a personal point of view, this service has always saved me from splurging some extra cash on a higher storage iPhone (Yes, I am an Apple fanboy, sue me). Not only does the service provide storage but helps in organising your sweet memories as well. Google’s auto face detection allows users to categorise photos by the faces of people. You can then name these people to just look up a name and find all the photos of that person. The categorising doesn’t stop there. There are places that we can use to mark some photos and even certain things like a cantilope, for example. Google has really pushed its AI to good use.

Google Photos for Android

While users may find it quite ironic, the Google photos app on Android phones is a bit primitive to the one found on the iPhone.This is a trend in recent years. Ever since Apps have been becoming more common and popular, the iOS side of things has always hailed. Now, do not get me wrong, I do not talk about the Pixels of the lineup. Those devices are set. Its the rest of the lot that shows abysmal turnouts. Take Snapchat, for example. Besides the Pixels and a couple of other phones, Android phones display a terrible experience with the App. It is because developers cannot make a separate, integrated app for every other Android device (there are a lot of them). Coming over to the iOS side of things and Apple has created an eco-system which accommodates all apps equally, in the same manner. The most a developer would have to do would be to scale the app proportionally to the device’s aspect ratio and they’d be good to go.

This was the case with the Google Photos App as well. It included features like time stamp editing and a couple of other features which were absent from the Android version of the app. In recent news though, on this very day, 9to5Google reported that in a Twitter Q/A, the product lead for Google Photos, David Lieb announced a couple of new features coming to the App on Android.

The New Google Photos for Android

For starters, they will be working on the bugs in the app in order to ensure optimum functionality. They aim to make the Android user experience better in every aspect. Secondly, Manual face tagging is made native to the app. Before it would only work for the PC version of the online platform but now users can manually name or tag people in photos. This is quite useful and much less messy than Google trying out every algorithm to guess who the person is in a particular photo and you, the user, declining it till it gets it right. Facebook users would confirm how amazing this luxury is.

Coming back to the time stamp issue. Lieb has confirmed that it would be coming to the Android version of the App. Not only this but there is an exciting feature coming for the pet lovers out there. According to the annoucement, people can create a shared album which would allow users to take photos of their pets which would automatically be shared with their friend(s) on that group. As a dog person, I’d be totally up for that. For Samsung users out there who tend to take screenshots a lot, would know that those screen shots are directly saved to the DCIM folder. This makes them be randomly saved to the Google Photos App. According to the report, developers are working to fix the issue completely.

Perhaps this is a good step for the Android users. I believe a certain platform should not restrcit the usablity of a service. Although theres hasn’t been any details of when these features will arrive with a timeline but rest assured, if these are announced, they are surely coming to you devices. As for the App development gap between iPhones and Android phones, that is here to stay for sure.

Sarmad Burki
Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.

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Android to Get a Revamped Google Photos App: Features like Custom Time Stamp & Shared Pet Albums to Come!

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