What to Do If an Android Device Simply Won’t Charge

Android phones have taken over the world and make up the majority of the international Smartphone market, but that does not mean that there are no issues associated with Android devices. Android devices can fall prey to any of tons of different problems, including one where they simply stop charging. No matter how many different chargers are used or how many outlets affected Android devices are plugged into, they simply refuse to accumulate any charge.

In many cases, Android devices affected by this issue refuse to charge while they are powered off but charge like they are supposed to when they are turned on. First and foremost, you should try charging your device while it is turned on to determine whether or not this is also the case with your device. If your device charges successfully while it is turned on, the recommended course of action would be to simply charge the device while it is turned on and avoid charging it when it is off.

If your Android device doesn’t charge even when it is turned on, the following is a solution that many users affected by this issue in the past have had success with, although this solution can only be used by Android users with device that have removable batteries:

Turn the device off.

Pry open the Android device’s back cover.

Remove the Android device’s battery.

Leave the battery out for 20-60 seconds.

With the battery still removed, plug the device into a charger and make sure that the charger is turned on.

Insert the battery into the device and replace its back cover.

See if the phone charges. If the phone doesn’t seem to be charging, turn it on and check again, and it should be charging like it is supposed to.

If your Android device still refuses to charge, your best option is to have it looked at by a professional to rule out any hardware failure or damage and have the issue fixed professionally.

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What to Do If an Android Device Simply Won’t Charge

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