Android App Bundles Will Save Storage On Smartphones With New App Publication Format

Will Allow Developer To Deliver Features On Demand

Google just introduced the Android App Bundles feature recently. This feature allows developers to make apps more modular. It has reduced app sizes by 35%, but now there is a new update to Android App Bundles.

The new update changes how Android App Bundles handle uncompressed native libraries that are already there on the device. What you need to know is that with this new update, downloaded data will reduce by 8% which means that you are saving on your data plans. Other than that, it will also reduce the space apps take on devices by 16%.

Android App Bundles
Android App Bundles Source: Getty Images

Apps are getting bigger, they offer more features and updates are pretty frequent. You do not have access to WiFi all the time. There are times where you need to download and update apps on a data plan. This will reduce the cost of data usage and will also free up space on your device.

If you are someone that is always out of space and needs to remove some images or videos each time you need to download something new then this is something that will make life easier.

Google has also announced Instant Apps. This is a feature where you can preview an app and see what it has to offer without actually having to download and install it. If you are searching for an app that solves a certain need then the Instant Apps section will let you preview an app. If you think that the app is for you then you can download and install it. This will make life much easier for the developer as well as the user.

I am sure that you have searched for apps for different purposes, installed a couple of them and then tested them out to see which one is the best. With Instant Apps, you no longer need to spend time and data on the apps that you do not want.

You only need to download the app that you think is the perfect fit. I think that Instant Apps and Android App Bundles will go a long way.

Talha Amjad
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