Android 11 Star Control Features Not A Compulsory Addition For OEMS

Although there are many version of Android out there, the core operating system remains constant. The company has developed certain rules and regulations to make sure that everyone gets a similar experience. Not to mention, while the skins may change certain things, the drop-down bar from the top is something that has to be a constant. Anyway, Google recently announced its Android 11 update. The update introduced a couple of new things. These include the new control panel and the conversation section in the top notifications panel.

Now, connecting to the point mentioned earlier, Google has not made these features to be consistent across the board with its Android Compatibility Definition Document. According to a report from 9to5Google, the company, in its compatibility document, has not made it compulsory for OEMs to make use of this feature. Now, while some manufacturers already used this in one way or another, they didn’t have to merge this in at all. Meanwhile, others would make use of the feature that is available straight from Google.

Android 11 Menu, Source –

From an XDA source, the company is about to launch its new ACDD (Android Compatibility Definition Document). According to the source, it would have different sections which would include whether a feature is a must-add or is it “Strongly Recommended”. Now, these device controls, according to the latest most recent version, would not be a compulsory addition for the devices and their skins in the future. While this may change after the official final launch of the Android 11 but this is the case right now.

Sarmad Burki

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