Upcoming Android 11 Update Could Offer Several Quick Controls After Long-Press Power Button

The traditional long-press power button technique has offered simple controls including Shut-Down, Restart, Aeroplane Mode, and Silent Mode. But hidden inside the Developer Preview v2 of the upcoming Android 11 Update contains code that indicates the technique could support a lot more functions. Enterprising developers and members of the XDA-Developers forum have managed to activate new actionable options within the long-press Power Button.

After Google released Android 11 Developer Preview 1 last month, enthusiasts coders discovered new features that had the potential of altering the usefulness of the menu that pops-up after long-pressing the Power button. The feature had the ability to turn the long-press power menu into a miniature Control Center. Moreover, the Control Center appeared to be geared towards quick toggles for Home Automation. With the release of the Android 11 Developer Preview 2, the same developers have managed to get the new and unreleased feature partially working.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 Has Hidden Control Center Within Long-Press Power Menu:

Hidden inside the latest Android 11 Developer Preview 2 is a feature that opens up several options in addition to the standard ones inside the long-press power menu. Recognized Developer Quinny899 shared two screenshots after flashing the latest Android 11 preview build on his Pixel 2 XL.

After analyzing the framework and SystemUI last month, the developer built an application that could hook into the new, in-development API. His app did not work last month, but it is now partially working in this release. Essentially the developer managed to bring up a new shortcut that appears in a “Quick Controls” section in the power menu.

The power menu itself is revamped. The standard tiles have moved to the top of the screen. This leaves a lot of room for several additional quick controls. There’s also a menu button that, when tapped, opens the “add controls” activity that lets users select which apps’ shortcuts they want to be shown in the power menu. It is unclear where the new “Quick Access Wallet” feature will fit into this new power menu design.

As expected, there’s no confirmation from Google about the new feature. It is currently in the testing phase, and might not make in the final release of stable version of Android 11. However, based on the significantly altered design elements and the way the power menu tiles are shifted to the top, it is possible that Google will further develop and finetune the new feature.

Incidentally, members of the XDA-Developers forum found a list of “valid device types” in the Controls service in framework.jar that lists devices such as fans, coffee makers, AC units, curtains, and more that might be controllable from this UI. App developers will likely need to add support for this API to bring up controls for their smart home appliances whenever an Android smartphone user long-presses the Power button.

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Upcoming Android 11 Update Could Offer Several Quick Controls After Long-Press Power Button

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