Analyst Predicts New Sizes, Colors, and Pricing for iPhones This Fall

An analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo at TF International Securities has made predictions about the fall lineup for Apple’s new phones. While he laid out details about the various sizes and pricing, the new colorful options for the entry-level iPhone are the most eye-catching.

Kuo predicted Apple’s flagship phone as a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone priced at $1000 just like iPhone X that was released last year. The OLED display offers better brightness, black levels, wider viewing angles, and it drains less battery life. It is also expected to sport a dual SIM card slot.

The smaller 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is expected to cost approximately $700. It is reported to come in grey, white, blue, red and orange varieties, which calls back to Apple’s 2013 release of the iPhone 5C, which came in a green, blue, yellow, pink and white. It was not clear from Kuo’s report if the red 6.1-inch iPhone would be associated with PRODUCT (RED).


The 6.5-inch is supposed to come in black, white and gold options. The gold option was previously unavailable. The small 6.1-inch model is expected to only have one camera instead of the popular dual-camera configuration seen on most flagship devices released this year. The stainless-steel frame and 3D touch are also expected to be cut to keep the lower $700 price tag. It will, however, retain the minuscule bezel design that was introduced with the iPhone X as well as the Face ID feature.

While Kuo expects initial high demand for the premium iPhone models at launch, he expects the more affordable, colorful iPhone to make up the bulk of iPhone sales after launch.

Because of the introduction of new colors, price options, and features, Kuo has raised his sales predictions, bringing his predicted new iPhone sales up to 70 million sold in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Corey Willis
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Analyst Predicts New Sizes, Colors, and Pricing for iPhones This Fall

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