Ampere Altra Is First ARM-based 64-bit Server Processor, Packs 80 Cores, Challenging Intel Xeon And AMD EPYC

Ampere, a lesser-known company, has come up with an 80 Core 64-Bit Processors designed primarily for high-end servers and relevant remote cloud applications. The Ampere Altra is based on the ARM Architecture. The CPU for servers is designed to run with optimized power draw and should handle cloud-intensive tasks.

Leaving behind AMD’s EPYC as well as Intel’s Xeon Processors, Ampere’s Altra is the first server-grade processor to pack 80 Cores. The Ampere Altra processor is based on the Arm Neoverse N1 platform and can be deployed in a dual as well as a single socket configuration. In addition to the versatile scalability, the Ampere Altra is said to have several more benefits when compared to AMD and Intel’s prevalent products for servers.

Ampere Altra 80-Core Server-Grade CPU To Beat AMD APYC and Intel Xeon?

The Ampere Altra processor is based on the Arm Neoverse N1 platform. It has been built on the new 7nm Fabrication Node that was perfected by Taiwan’s TSMC. The cutting-edge manufacturing process for silicon chips reportedly offers the highest performance, most power-efficiency, and densest transistors.

The creators of the Ampere Altra claim the CPU represents a breakthrough in performance and power efficiency for hyper-scale computing. The CPU will be marketed as a power-efficient, high-performance, and high-memory capacity chip. It will be primarily offered to server operators who deploy remote cloud data centers. This is because cloud storage platforms utilization of performance, security, and power efficiency is much different than in more traditional enterprise data center environments.

Incidentally, despite packing the highest number of Cores ever in a single CPU, the Ampere Altra is designed to consume less power. The Ampere Altra processor runs on just 210 Watts. Hence it supposed to be ideal for server applications such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, database, storage, telco stacks, edge computing, web hosting, and cloud-native applications.

Ampere Altra isn’t currently ready for mass deployment. However, potential customers are reportedly testing Ampere Altra today on their software stacks to drive optimized performance and power efficiency in the cloud. The company is confident of large scale commercial production to start in the next few months.

Ampere Altra Specifications And Features:

The Ampere Altra packs 80 Cores and runs at 3 GHz. Incidentally, the CPU is not multi-threaded. This means all cores feature a single thread. Despite the single-threaded cores, the new server-grade CPU is reportedly 14 percent better than the fastest 64-Core AMD EPYC CPU on power efficiency and 4 percent faster on raw performance. Internal benchmarks claim the Ampere CPU was 2.11 times better than Intel’s 28-core high-end Xeon Cascade Lake processor on power efficiency and 2.23 times better in raw performance. With such power efficiency, server owners can install the Ampere Altra CPUs in a 42-unit server rack without running out of power.

According to reports, the Ampere Altra CPU helps bolster hyper-scale datacenter processing around power efficiency, resiliency, telemetry, and security. The company has indicated that the supporting software is ready. This means the powerful processor should work well on several different popular server operating systems. The company indicated the Ampere Altra supports Kubernetes, Docker, VMware, and KBM. Additionally, anything and everything that presently runs on a remote cloud platform should work with Ampere Altra.

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Ampere Altra Is First ARM-based 64-bit Server Processor, Packs 80 Cores, Challenging Intel Xeon And AMD EPYC

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