Among Many Other Improvements Hotfix 1.05 of Cyberpunk 2077 Enables SMT Support in AMD Ryzen Processors

The controversy around the release of Cyberpunk has already escalated to a point where Sony decided to delist the game from the PS Store. The players who want a refund and have purchased the game digitally will get refunds. The same will be the case with those who have a physical copy of the game. During all this, CD Projekt Red has remained proactive and transparent. The company has already announced that refunds will be made even if it has to pay from its own pockets.

CDPR is also trying to fix the game on all platforms, especially the base console versions. Hotfix 1.05 is already available for both Xbox and PlayStation, while the PC version will be available soon. The Hotfix comes with a range of improvements and bug fixes. The story is getting better on the console side of things, while for players, especially those who are playing on AMD hardware, the new update is critical.

According to the patch notes, the game will now be able to utilize the SMT (simultaneous multithreading) in AMD Ryzen processors. For the time being, only quad-core and hexa-core processors will see a performance improvement. The higher core CPUs will see no benefit from the patch. Both companies ran tests among themselves and came to a conclusion mentioned above. The patch has been made in collaboration with AMD.

Lastly, Hotfix 1.05 proves that CDPR is committed to improving the gaming experience irrespective of their platform. The company is bleeding as it has already lost $1.8 billion in value due to the troubled launch of the game.

Complete Patch Notes are available on Cyberpunk 2077’s official website.

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Among Many Other Improvements Hotfix 1.05 of Cyberpunk 2077 Enables SMT Support in AMD Ryzen Processors

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