AMD’s Upcoming Navi GPU Lineup Naming Scheme Leaked

AMD’s upcoming latest lineup of 7nm GPUs have been amidst rumors a lot lately. Some leakers claimed that the upcoming lineup will be delivering performance comparable to the RTX 2070 at mere 250$. While there is absolutely no information about the RX 3000 series after the inital leak by AdoredTV, it seems we finally got some information on the Navi lineup instead. Atleast, to what it seems, we have the naming scheme for now. The names were spotted in a MacOS Mojave update source code MacOS Mojave update source code.

As Videocardz reports, “These are likely the names for product variants, not codenames of four different processors. In other words, the numbers should describe how many Compute Units are enabled for each device.” So contrary to the previous leaks, this is likely the naming scheme the upcoming GPUs from AMD will follow. But,  that doesn’t mean the RX 3000 lineup doesn’t exist. It might exist on top of this as well.

With the Radeon VII already announced, it might not be long before we see the rest of AMD’s 7nm arsenal. What will be interesting is the price to performance ratio these cards will manage to achieve. On the other side, things are dominated by Nvidia despite the fact that a majortiy of the RTX series is nowhere close to being VFM. The reason for the dominance is pretty evident given that there hardly exists a good competitor from AMD’s end. Considering that, AMD will be looking to turn things around in the GPU market. With that in mind, AMD’s upcoming lineup might be a game-changer for all gamers across the world.

Md Armughanuddin
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AMD’s Upcoming Navi GPU Lineup Naming Scheme Leaked

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