AMD’s Rembrandt Based APU Tested, Features the Zen3+ Architecture

According to Geekbench, AMD may have plans to release an entry level mobile Rembrandt based APU for laptops.

This APU features the Zen 3+ (6nm TSMC) process which is an optimized variant of AMD’s 7nm based Zen 3 architecture. The graphics solution used in this APU utilizes AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture. 

Geekbench shows that this SKU has the OPN code, “100-000000552-40_Y” which may not indicate much. Other specifications point towards a 4 cores / 8 threads CPU running at a base frequency of 2.90GHz. The base clock frequency can be boosted upto 4.1GHz.

Suited with 8MB of L3 cache and 2MB of L2 cache, this APU ships with the RDNA 2 based “GFX1035” GPU. This GPU has 3 compute units and 192 stream processors runing at a clock speed of 1600MHz.

Geekbench Score of AMD’s Rembrandt APU | Geekbench

The Rembrandt APU lineup currently has 2 GPUs, namely the 680M which features 12 CUs (Compute Units) and the 660M having 6 CUs (Compute Units). Following this pattern, it is likely that the GPU this APU utilizes will be the 640M.

OpenCL Score of AMD’s Rembrandt APU | Geekbench

Performance wise, the Rembrandt APU performs similar to the Barcelo based Ryzen 3 5425U APU, where the GPU also shows a close resemblance to AMD’s Vega 11 iGPU. 

No information has been revealed regarding the release date of these APUs, however, we can expect a QS (Qualification Sample) soon.


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